Sunday, October 28, 2007

No-one's coming...written by myself -1994...

NO ONE'S COMING...[ written '94 ]

Here l sit alone and frightened.
Knowing there's no-one coming.
Have to be strong for me.
Gotta be hard on myself.
There aint no-one else to crack the whip.

Eyes open.
God, another day.
Have to get things done.
Sometimes l think l should have stayed Stoned and useless.
Each day is different.
Straight one day.
Bent the next.
lt's push pull all the time.
One foot in front of the other.

Get my thoughts in order.
Eating makes me sick.
Men make me sick.
l have to pass them everyday.

l'm empty inside.
Have to concentrate and find things to do.
No future ahead for me and you.
False hope.
Still, l try to hold onto hope.

Here l sit frightened.

No-one's coming.

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Charley said...

Very poignant poem. I can remember those days newly sober and feeling so raw and open and so very alone.

Took a while to reconstruct a thin shell to protect myself