Thursday, October 15, 2015

l was going through a couple of blogs l had done here a few years ago.
lm surprised the blog is still working lol.
lt seems to me that my life just doesnt change.
mind you, lm comfortable with it, its alright.
the last l exist blog in here was 2010, it is now 2015,
and lm still writing the same things.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Keep raining today...

l stayed up late reading alice white's books, lve finished the second one, and onto the third one. Once l got used to her style of writing, l found l couldnt put it down.
l went to the bedroom around 1am, and sat on my comfy old bed until very late, or early to some. l read half of the book in that time, thats how much it had hold of me lol, and my body finally decided that it should sleep. 
Around 5am, l swear l heard the phone ring. l thought, well, the only ppl that would ring at that time, was the family telling me about bad news, or a wrong number.
so eventually, because l was woken, the old bladder demanded that l get up...sighs.
So while lm up, l picked up my two walking sticks, and checked the phone in the next room. nothing.
lt must have been one of those noises we hear that dont exist lol, like a door shutting, and theres no door, l call them body noises.
So back to bed after a big glass of water, and buggamedead, the garbos started up with their noise. they come at five and eight. one for the yellow bin, and one for the red bin. l had forgotten about wed. morning.
So, it was fitful sleep until about nine, l just gave up.....
Made the organic coffee in my dripulater and turned on the telly to drown out the road noises, and turned on the puter.
The next noise around ten am, was the council truck doing the footpaths over here. 
l had noticed in the time that lve been here, that a few ppl had tripped and fallen on a part of the path outside. of course it wasnt the letter l wrote to tell them, l just think it was one of those things that just get done.
A blessing, it started to rain, so they couldnt work and make a noise lol.
l did a couple of daily chores, dressed, and am now waiting for the meals on wheels ppl.
ln weather like this, and others weathers too, l think about these volenteers and what they have to do for us. thankyou.
Wed. night is my favourite night for the channel ' mate ' . l like the pawn stars and american pickers. 
there is also another series l liked, but havent seen it in the tv list for a while, the 'hoarders ' ....l enjoy those tv series, and oh the one, ' clean is your house'....
Anyway, moving on, no more short story lol...
Hope the rain keeps up, its quieter out there in my street.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Spring in Melbourne, Australia...

Spring is definately here in Melbourne, Australia.

 Beautiful pink bottlebrush.

 Chinese Lantern, l am told these are...

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Woke at 4.30am; l had only had four hours sleep, my dry nose woke me and l had to get up, and have a few cups of tea to un-dry my face...hassle.
l'm up before any day nose. The first bird hasnt made a sound just yet.
All l hear is the fan l put on to cool my room down a bit; yes its hot here this week. We still have a lot more hot days to come just yet down here in melbourne australia.
Soon the traffic will take over my peace, but until then l wish to share my silence.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just and ordinary day...

Was just an ordinary day today.
waking was the same as usual, ...slow, and the waiting for the feet and legs and brain to work together.
Made the coffee, toast, and sat on the puter until my eyes cleared lol.
lt was payday today, and the cupboards were almost bare.
l could have gone locally for my groceries, but for some reason, l was feeling homesick for where l had been living for the past two and a half decades.
Around three in the afternoon, l left this lovely new home, and drove to the chemist, got what l needed, and over to glenhuntly.
My timing for the traffic was perfect, until l went into the main street of carnegie.
A train had broken down, and l sat there all patient, until l couldnt sit there at the gates any longer.
l drove the long way around via the CIT building and under the via duct.
l found a disabled parking spot straight away, woopie.
A lady had been waddling up with her trolley and l asked if l could take it off her hands, and handed her one dollar.
Safeway make u put a dollar in the trolley lock...
l had been busting for a pee, and from memory, that safeway had its own loo. Well, l mistaken, and l was there, and wasnt going to look around for a loo, so l held onto it.
Did the basic shopping, came to 136 dollars.. not bad. spose.
l had only had two slices of toast all day, l wasnt all that hungry. but on the way back from glenhuntly, l thought l best pop into maccas in chaddy..and use their loo...
l got some chips, and drove over to mums.
She went mad at me for turning up so late. - damned if u do, damned if u dont -...
so l told her it was the trains fault.
She was mad that l didnt ring her.
Mind u the traffic was full on, the train getting stuck put all my timing out, and l was stuck in peak traffic.
so l took her abuse, had a cuppa and came home to carry ten bags of groceries, up eleven steps.
As l said, and ordinary day.
but l got my homesick feeling all fixed up.
now lm back at my new home.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

l Exist - Good Morning.

l thought l would sleep on today, there wasnt a reason to get up early, all l would do is go on the computer, nothing would get done, so l just slept on.
Finally my tired old back said, l cant lay here anymore, we must get up, so l did. l rolled over to the side of the bed, placed my feet on the carpet, leveled them out, and sat up as straight as l could. l opened my eyes, blinked, and looked around at the level of light in my room. l looks like afternoon. l then attempted to stand, holding onto the wall, until my body balanced on my overworked feet, l leant against the wall for more balance.
l started around the bed to the bathroom, not feeling that l needed to, because l had been up several times in the last six hours of sleep.
The afternoon sun was pouring through my high windows, and l smiled.
Next l had to turn the cpap off, organise those pieces, and then around the old huge bed, and into the kitchen.
l pressed the button for the heater, opened the lounge window a little, then into the kitchen.
l put the coffee on, and then over to the computer, turned it on, and allowed it time to heat up...
All of a sudden it started to rain on my south windows! l looked a little closer, its hail! shut the windows, and watched for a bit while the coffee was perking and the puter was heating.
Rain looks lovely running down a window.
So back into the kitchen, and made the coffee, put on some toast and back to the puter.
l rang mum, cos she has an ear problem that makes her dizzy, and she has to take several stemitel...sp.. and if she doesnt get it in time, shes in bed. she got it in time. poor mum...shes seventy eight this year, and still fiesty.
dads just waiting for his right hip to slip out he says...yesterday he felt like ninety five instead of eighty four...
Okay, back to make the second coffee, take the pills.
lve decided l will do a course of B12..l do feel better for it.
and of course the diabetic pills metformin. l dont think theyre doing anything, but the dr says keep taking them.
l mean, if l behave, lm a normal number...l dont need the pills , but l shall do as lm told.
lve been taking lovan for over a decade now, and seem to be addicted to them, they do cut my stress and panicky l take them. l have however again almost stopped the muralax, - muscle relaxents, although l cheated last night, and took half a one.
The hail stopped shortly after it began, and the afternoon sun came out, l silently laughed to myself, and said, phtt, melbourne.
Soon l shall start on the basic chores, and shower, and be ready for whatever the evening brings doesnt bring me much at all lol of late, but its nice to be clean and fresh, even if its just for me.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So very quiet.

Woke to a very quiet day.

So quiet, l could hear my heart beat in my ears.

Not a sound,

Not even a bird sound.

Spooky grey sky...

Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1st 2010.

The evening of January 1st

Spent sitting in my doorway

Listening and watching a summer thunderstorm

The air is warm,

The rain sounds great.

Monday, December 7, 2009


The evening has set in.

The lamp is on.

The blinds are open,

to watch the night arrive.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Silent for a Moment...

A crow squawks, and flys into the distance... a car slows down to go over a speed bump, and revs up and drives on.

l hold my head, partly covering my ears, l am silent for a moment.. l hear the slow ticking of the wall clock, and birds in the distance...

A dove calls to its partner,
while city noises continue.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Diabetes/Blood Sugar.

l found this on dr mercola, and thought it a very simple way of explaining diabetes, and what we have to do.... I was told about all the problems my diabetes could cause, but nobody explained why. Had someone explained these things to me, I might have tried harder to do what I had been told to do. Complications from diabetes come on over time, and damage has often started before we realize something is wrong. The belief that "as long as I feel well I must be well" does not hold true for the complications of diabetes; they come on quietly. Cardiovascular System The heart actually has the largest blood vessels in the body so why is it damaged? First of all, it is the job of the heart to pump the thick, sticky blood through all the narrowed vessels in the body. That is like canoeing in Jell-O compared with canoeing in water. The heart also has many small vessels that feed and nourish it. When blood sugars are high, they do not get the circulation they need. So not only are we asking the heart to work twice as hard, we are depriving it of nutrition to give it strength. Cardiovascular Disease is the most common cause of death in people with diabetes. But there are support and therapy strategies that have been proven effective. Nerve Damage and Disease Amputations and ulcers, especially in the feet, are more frequent in patients with poorly controlled diabetes. Decreased circulation to feet and legs leads to damage and loss of nerve function. The nerves lose their ability to sense pain, pressure, touch, or temperature correctly, which results in tingling and numbess of the feet and toes (fingers, too). This condition is called peripheral neuropathy. Autonomic neuropathy occurs when there is nerve damage affecting the automatic processes in your body such as heart rate or sweating, so they do not work as they should. The stomach may not process food correctly. The heart rate or blood pressure does not speed up or slow down in response to exercise, exertion, rest, standing, or sitting. Autonomic neuropathy also contributes to the absence of chest pain with heart attack, and can cause sweating at inappropriate times or in specific areas, leaky bladder, pupils that do not constrict or dilate as needed, sexual dysfunction, and decreased ability to sense an infection or hypoglycemia. If you already have numbness in your feet, is there any point to controlling blood sugars? Absolutely. Numbness and burning in the feet are signs that nerves have been damaged. Evidence has shown that nerves, when only damaged, can learn to trasmit messages through different pathways. If your feet are so completely numb that you cannot tell where they are because you cannot feel them, managing your blood sugars most likely will not get any sensation back. But it can prevent the numbness and nerve damage from spreading farther up your leg. And controlling your blood sugars will give your damanged nerves and your immune system a fighting chance to help your feet stay healthy. Vision Problems Retinopathy, macular edema, glaucoma, and cataracts are the more common eye disorders related to diabetes. Eye disease is typically progressive, and there are usually no symptoms until damage has occurred. You may have 20/20 vision yet one day have complete vision loss due to a hemorrhage. This is the reason a yearly eye exam is so important. An eye doctor will be able to see the changes occurring before vision is at risk. Laser surgery can destroy the abnormal vessels in the eye and prevent their regrowth. So What's The Good News? Believe it or not, there is some good news. The whole process of long-term complications started with sticky red blood cells. The good news is that red blood cells only live two to three months. That means that in three months of keeping your blood sugar levels nearer to normal, you have a whole new set of unsticky red blood cells. This turnover eliminates the cops, slow cars, and semi-trucks from the freeway, and prevents further damage to the road. When blood sugar levels come down, the stickiness decreases on the walls of the arteries and veins, and triglycerides and cholesterol levels are reduced. So where lanes of traffic were closed, we now have open roads. Where damage has been done, we may not be able to repair it, but with improved control, we can prevent further complications and slow or stop the progress of any existing ones. Keeping blood sugars close to normal is the best way to prevent complications. Unlike genetics, age, or sex, it is the one component we have some control over.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Feels like Summer...

l woke to the sound of wind in the trees.

l walked outside to feel the breeze.

The sun was at 11am,

The shadows and sunlight through the last tree on the concrete, was a pleasure to see.

l walked against the warm wind to save my washing from the line.

The wind was so strong it pushed my trolley and peg bucket to the other side of the yard
l smiled and sleepily walked to bring them back to the line, but put them in a different place...

The breeze, the warmth, and coffee waiting for me, when the job was done.

l rescued two loads, and brought them inside.

Needed a coffee because of my morning thirst.

l sat here, had my first coffee, and will get the rest of the washing soon.

The sky is once again blue.

The wind is warm.

The washing is dry.

Good Morning from Downunder...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stop Watch...

You know;
Lately life has been so easy.
A doctor helped stop being so queezy.
l have re found the youth inside,
and cannot stop, my legs are taking me for a ride.

l know, l know, lm not young anymore,
but something nice is at my door.
l shall use it for all its might..
and hope l dont fall down with fright.

l am a hermit, that is right.
l time everything l do,
even chatting to you...
have a nice day.