Sunday, December 2, 2007

Writers Block Challenge#26 ( Lady Diz. )

T'was a windy day in December,and poor Lady found herself being blown from limb to limb,and leaf to leaf, swirled and twirled until she was dizzy!Lady Diz was the rebellious bug in her family, and even though she had been told not to go out today, she disobeyed her family.Now she was lost, she couldnt see anything that resembled home,and couldnt hear her familys voices, she was scared and now hungry.She was a bit of an overeater at home, and had put on heaps of weight.Her brothers and sisters would all laugh at her trying to get off the leaf lol....they kept on calling her Bumblebee,Jumbo bee.Well, she was sick of being picked on, and thought she needed to go and find a place where no one would pick on her.Unfortunately she chose a windy day.She would never return...shes lost.The wind threw her everywhere, and then it died down a bit, and she parachuted onto seeded dandelion flower,her fate was set,this flower would breakaway on touch, and she would then be dropped to the was only a matter of time before she fell, and there was no family there to pick her up and take her home.She sat clinging for her life, for what seemed like an eternity...

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