Saturday, March 15, 2008

Glorious Morning Light...

The glorious morning light,
behind curtains red and green, some light can be seen.

From sleep and darkness,
l open them, to a wonderful morning.

The air is nice, and not too hot,
l look at the sky, blue with cloud dots.

All is serene,
Good weather to clean.

So happy within myself,
started dusting all my shelves.

Breakfast, toast and homemade plum jam,
and oolong tea, for the energy.
lsnt it always the way,
you get motivated,

and something stands in your way,
and you have to wait.

patience, patience.
l used this small energy l acquired for constructiveness,
and cleaned my front entrance to my home.

the weather had heated up,
sweat pouring from my brow.

inside my home,
order is starting,

and all are in line
ready to be done.

l have boiled water,
after reading about the drugs in all our water taps,
its ready for dehy...
far too hot to stand at the washing line,
leave it for later or some other time.

made sure my tummy was full
so l had the energy to do all inside.

made some sage bread,
made my sketi,
fan on full.
the day is passing
hope later l can finish what l started.

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