Monday, July 13, 2009


I REFLECT. july 09.

As l travel through a quiet day of gentleness,
warm in front of my fire, l reflect.
l no longer mourn the past, or the people l no longer see.
l still love to hear a good blues, soothing slow guitar, hammond organ,bass,and a good drummer.

l have had a good life,
had a few falls, but not deep enough that l couldnt get out.
l wonder sometimes, how l got this far in life.
l am one step away from poverty, l hold fast.
l am very grateful for a roof over my head,
and a bed to sleep in.

l have given up complaining about the little things.
l have finally started thinking about others, and how their lives arent easy either.
l love to understand now.
l walk through life quietly...

lm half way through life, and yet l still feel young.
age seems to be but a number.
l reflect. There are no regrets.
l still have another fifty years to enjoy.

So l sit and think of what has been,
and make plans for what will be.


heatherbelle said...

The luxury to have time to sit back and evaluate our lives rarely happens. I'm a big believer in having no regrets. That's not to say I haven't made mistakes, or that I wouldn't do some things differently. Just that there's no point in wishing for what might have, or could have been. Moments in life are like the tides. They continue to to have their highs and lows. It's easier to swim with them than against.

Lynn Downunder... said...

Thanks for your comment Heather,
l had a feeling a few might understand this moment l had today...

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I don't know that I would call them regrets but every once in a while I am suddenly struck by the questions - "Where in hell am I? And just where was I going?"

Life can be like taking a long walk in the forest and not paying attention to the trail until you are totally lost. You put it far more poetically.

Lynn Downunder... said...

The nicest thing about the comments, is how you are all or both relating to it,
l thank you for that.
lts nice to have realisations.

Kwika said...

I sometimes wonder if, if I had taken that path would I be happier, richer, safer but look what I might have missed:) Love the poem.

Bee's Blog said...

The only way that most of us can move on is by letting go of the past. We are proud of ourselves - we think we have let go and then wham - right between the eyes! "Regrets? I have a few" as the song says but when all is said and done, what is past has made me the person I am today. That's not to say that it's all a bed of roses but I continue to look forward knowing in my heart of hearts, although I still feel twenty inside, the lines are there to tell the story. But I am proud pf those lines - I earned every one of them!(Never mind that I use the creams that promise decrease in age lines! It is a very good thing that the road of life is full of bends because if we could see straight down the path, how many of us would actually dare to put one foot in front of the other?

Lynn Downunder... said...

l think what is yesterday is gone.
l spent too much useless time wondering what if.
l was the analyzing queen.
deep and meaningfuls etc.
when l could have just been going forward and leaving yesterday behind.
lt did take me a good fifty years to realise how much time l have wasted.
but that is yesterday, and now is now, and tomorrow is the future.
the past drags me down, let it go. and move into today...
thanks again for all your comments.

Anonymous said...

this is a nice gentyle poem

Lynn Downunder... said...

Thanks Meredith, l try to be gentle with myself.
l spent too many years bashing myself up.