Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So very quiet.

Woke to a very quiet day.

So quiet, l could hear my heart beat in my ears.

Not a sound,

Not even a bird sound.

Spooky grey sky...


Bee's Blog said...

You're alive!

Pia N said...

when the world is full of sound. then i love the quiet

Lynn Downunder... said...

Thanks BEE, PIA, sorry it took so long to answer your comments, l seem to be addicted to facebook games..shame on me.
l think lm one of the lucky ones that can now be able to stop and smell the roses and hear the quiet.
when we work a lot, and or are busy as, we dont have that time to notice the peace that comes from time to time.
l do like to share these moments, l feel when l or u read them, that u feel that peace for a minute.
so enjoy my still poems lol...