Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just and ordinary day...

Was just an ordinary day today.
waking was the same as usual, ...slow, and the waiting for the feet and legs and brain to work together.
Made the coffee, toast, and sat on the puter until my eyes cleared lol.
lt was payday today, and the cupboards were almost bare.
l could have gone locally for my groceries, but for some reason, l was feeling homesick for where l had been living for the past two and a half decades.
Around three in the afternoon, l left this lovely new home, and drove to the chemist, got what l needed, and over to glenhuntly.
My timing for the traffic was perfect, until l went into the main street of carnegie.
A train had broken down, and l sat there all patient, until l couldnt sit there at the gates any longer.
l drove the long way around via the CIT building and under the via duct.
l found a disabled parking spot straight away, woopie.
A lady had been waddling up with her trolley and l asked if l could take it off her hands, and handed her one dollar.
Safeway make u put a dollar in the trolley lock...
l had been busting for a pee, and from memory, that safeway had its own loo. Well, l mistaken, and l was there, and wasnt going to look around for a loo, so l held onto it.
Did the basic shopping, came to 136 dollars.. not bad. spose.
l had only had two slices of toast all day, l wasnt all that hungry. but on the way back from glenhuntly, l thought l best pop into maccas in chaddy..and use their loo...
l got some chips, and drove over to mums.
She went mad at me for turning up so late. - damned if u do, damned if u dont -...
so l told her it was the trains fault.
She was mad that l didnt ring her.
Mind u the traffic was full on, the train getting stuck put all my timing out, and l was stuck in peak traffic.
so l took her abuse, had a cuppa and came home to carry ten bags of groceries, up eleven steps.
As l said, and ordinary day.
but l got my homesick feeling all fixed up.
now lm back at my new home.


Nicholas V. said...

So many memories, when we visit places we lived at so long ago...

Lynn Downunder... said...

yes nicholas, there is and in years to come even more memories.
l had been yanked out of where l was settled, and had to move so fast, that l hadnt had time to leave the area where l had been for so long.
l signed friday, and was in on the following sunday...really fast.
so yeah l needed to go back to help rebalance myself as l was starting out in a new place...
yes and the memories l think about a lot.
but here l am hopefully starting a new life all over again lol