Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Keep raining today...

l stayed up late reading alice white's books, lve finished the second one, and onto the third one. Once l got used to her style of writing, l found l couldnt put it down.
l went to the bedroom around 1am, and sat on my comfy old bed until very late, or early to some. l read half of the book in that time, thats how much it had hold of me lol, and my body finally decided that it should sleep. 
Around 5am, l swear l heard the phone ring. l thought, well, the only ppl that would ring at that time, was the family telling me about bad news, or a wrong number.
so eventually, because l was woken, the old bladder demanded that l get up...sighs.
So while lm up, l picked up my two walking sticks, and checked the phone in the next room. nothing.
lt must have been one of those noises we hear that dont exist lol, like a door shutting, and theres no door, l call them body noises.
So back to bed after a big glass of water, and buggamedead, the garbos started up with their noise. they come at five and eight. one for the yellow bin, and one for the red bin. l had forgotten about wed. morning.
So, it was fitful sleep until about nine, l just gave up.....
Made the organic coffee in my dripulater and turned on the telly to drown out the road noises, and turned on the puter.
The next noise around ten am, was the council truck doing the footpaths over here. 
l had noticed in the time that lve been here, that a few ppl had tripped and fallen on a part of the path outside. of course it wasnt the letter l wrote to tell them, l just think it was one of those things that just get done.
A blessing, it started to rain, so they couldnt work and make a noise lol.
l did a couple of daily chores, dressed, and am now waiting for the meals on wheels ppl.
ln weather like this, and others weathers too, l think about these volenteers and what they have to do for us. thankyou.
Wed. night is my favourite night for the channel ' mate ' . l like the pawn stars and american pickers. 
there is also another series l liked, but havent seen it in the tv list for a while, the 'hoarders ' ....l enjoy those tv series, and oh the one, ' clean is your house'....
Anyway, moving on, no more short story lol...
Hope the rain keeps up, its quieter out there in my street.

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