Sunday, October 5, 2008

Crumbs in my Bellybutton.

l sit
crumbs in my bellybutton
has life come to this
sitting half naked in front of the screen
l do not
l do not
messy l have become
shakes shirt to free a mess to the floor
out of the same mug
not a mug
a shaker
a shaker with a lost lid
not attractive
heater blowing
listens to outside noise
a boy bouncing a ball
cars coming and going
birds flying past
listens to abc classic radio
wipes crumbs from face
they fall to the floor
the clock says four pm
the sun is behind me
l see the reflexion on the screen
l should be out there
lm not
lm sitting here
listening to opera singers
the heater fan so loud
feet cold
need water over me
need clean clothes
need to start the day
wore me out
l must push forward
l hurt
order order
l mentally slap
has it come to this
surrounded by dust
l crave a big garden just for me
a box is where l am
need to mentally expand
l should drive to the beach
there my mind can stretch
only to come back to the dusty box
l rock
in a fetal position
l hold my head
coffees almost done
stale bread
heater fan sound too loud
earplugs day
turns up abc
to drown out noise
books stacked
must be read
dust dust dust
cold feet
silent scream
inside my box
red and green
green and red
christmas all year round
l lay back
rest my head
close my eyes
stretch my cold legs
sweet darkness
l dream
for just a minute
a harp plays on abc
dark harp
so sweet
so soothing
l brush crumbs
to the floor
my order is different
where has the old order gone
set in my ways
crumbs are wrong
on the floor
there are no birds
to pick them up
a pressure
living in a box
so much to do
too close
closes eyes
sits in a field
tension releases
l watch me
so much space
so quiet
no heater or cars
or children bouncing balls
the harp plays on
coffee has set in
lm awake
lm fed once again
will tomorrow be the same

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