Friday, October 24, 2008

Who am l ?

lve always done people jobs.

l was always good at my jobs.
l wasnt afraid of people.
l wasnt afraid of the boss.
l was afraid of losing my job,
which happened frequently,
cos l stood up to others.
And that means the boss too.

My parents were strict,
and yet loving.

l worked for bosses until l was around 22.
l had had enough, and truelly didnt
understand why l kept being sacked.

Well, u say, it was my attitude...
of course it was, but l didnt know why
l had that attitude.
- at the time -...

Finally, my mother and l decided l could do
a driving job.
this meant working for myself.
yes, lm capable.

l worked a courier van around Melbourne for 3 yrs.
then moved onto driving a taxi around melb.
l lasted in the taxi business about 17 yrs.
then into the job on the other side - despatcher-.

this radio job lasted about seven yrs,
then computers came in and l lost my job.
( l think l kept this job a long time, cos the job
consists of telling ppl where to

Now l was on the dole.
l had just bought a house.
l had no job, and only welfare to keep me.
l lost the house.

l decided there and then, l wasnt going to work again.
Some of the drivers l had gotten to know while driving,
are musicians,
l started going out with them at night.

There was one singer in particular l always wanted to meet.
one of those drivers knew that person.
He (lan ferguson ) took me to the Dutch Tilders gig...

l was out and about at night with musos.

As a child l was always singing.
yes u guessed it, it was the start of my musical era.
During this time, l was slowly wearing down.
On the dole, l didnt care, and neither did anyone else.

The dr in a few yrs to come, put my on an anti depressant,
and a muscle relaxent.
l did calm down, and found that l really couldnt work,
and being the kind of person who didnt admit freely to
failure, l asked the dr if l could go on a pension.
He could see that l was just tired,and couldnt deal with things.
He kindly did allow that.

To this day, lm still on those medications.
and the pension.

l guess l just got what l call, ' peopled out '.
l dont go amongst ppl now unless l have to.

Oh god, lve Raved again, and lm not even bent.
now what was the question...oh yes...

You have less fear of strangers than most people and today brings you even farther out into the world! It's a great day to strike up random conversations with strangers and see where they lead.
My fear of ppl...yes that was the point of this rave...
l guess lm lucky lve not had a fear of ppl.
lve always been able to look after myself.
l didnt have a fear, but l have come thru life with an irritation factor.
l dont fear, l get angry, or used to.
l wouldnt know now, cos lm not out there anymore...and glad lol.

Even driving the taxi at night,
l had no fear.
lf anything, l cared for the ppl in my taxi..
strange hey.
l had a following of ppl who only wanted me.
they said l was 'more human?'

Anyway, to this day, l dont have a fear of ppl.
l do have a fear of losing the roof over my head,
and my wheels is all...

l guess the moral of the story is ..
do not fear, get angry?
well how about , dont get angry , get even.?
no yes.
none of the above...
l just plodded along being natural.

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