Monday, November 17, 2008

Telephone - poem -

Deep, Deep, Sleep.
Ringing bells invade!
Comfort disturbed...
Now pictures!
Where is the noise!
Over the edge,
Down on the floor.

Cold against my ear.
A loving familiar voice.
Lay back and collapse.
Voice in ear, close the eyes,
Let it talk, try and concentrate.
The voice asks a question!
Eyes! Open! Think! Oh! Mm!
Oh! Youre awake!
Throw the doona off
Thats tied around you,
Now youre up!
Now the voice wants to go.

You look at the pillow,
Then the window,
Now the clock,
Deep breath,
Try to stand.
Walk to the bathroom.

Eyes sticky,
Throat dry,
Back stiff.
Sit and organize the day.

Hot coffee,
Hot shower,
Warm clothes.
Sunny day,
l smile at the mirror,
And thank god
For another day.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I like this poem. So often I have been there with a telephone call. Never awake enough instant enough.

Do your always lie? I didn't wake you did I? Oh, of course not just reading,etc.

Anonymous said...

i think we can all relate to this. thanks for posting. your own work? well done

Lynn Downunder... said...

Thanks for your comments jacqui,
yes its my own work,
lt was written a very long time ago..
lm told a lot of my poems are relatable...
l see them as simple lol..
lm glad u enjoyed it.

thebutler said...

Yes, 'Telephone' is a very basic reaction to that suddenly, strident ringing to return to the land of awakeness; not necessarily of alertness, though. Good poem!