Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Poem. ( Death-Loss )

lt is so hard to lose someone.
the ache of wanting them back, and knowing its impossible.
to have found the right person, and situation, to have it taken.

afraid youll never find another like him.
to hold onto what sat right with you.
we can talk to them, in our quiet moments and dreams.
and feel them close, and feel like we are home.

we dont search for this sadness, this emptiness.
this ache.
tis hard to move on from a place we searched so hard to find.
yes, life does go on.

one day, you will be with him once again.
he would not want you to hurry through this lifetime, to do just that.
he wants you to love life, and love him.
he is there with you, and will do with you, whatever u choose to do with life.

1 comment:

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

What a beautiful poem. And great thoughts about him not wanting you to rush through your life that remains. Don't you feel that on the other side there is no time as we see time here.

For us following a loss times seems to slow down to a crawl and we are so aware of every moment without that loved individual (or even dare I say it beloved pet), but for them existence (or non-existence on our plane) is timeless.

You have given me lots of things to contemplate with this poem.