Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 13. 2009. Spring.

l can feel it!

like a sweetness all around me.

warmth,soft air,

l know the moment spring is here.

lts unmistakable.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

And here it is the opposite. The wind is from another direction. The days bring a new chill in the early morn. The ripeness of the air.

Nicholas V. said...

It's good to see Spring Downunder, Lynn...
And it was sweet today!

bekkieann said...

I love this feeling of opposites, knowing you are anticipating spring and warmer weather as we are enjoying hints of the coming fall.

Bee's Blog said...

As I sit here in my office I have had to turn my air conditioner right down. I cannot turn it off because then it would become clammy very quickly and somehow the mosquitoes would get in - probably under the door or some crack in between panes of glass. I tell you this because it is raining - not just any old rain but torrential rain that is here after a storm warning. It has hit early and is accompanied by thunder.

It is at times like these that I miss living in a country which has seasons. Your words here have made me feel your spring in the air and I am thankful.

Anonymous said...

yes i can feel it too. the blossoms are out. the sky was full of rain clouds this morning - that dramatic slate grey. but the spring blossoms stood out against them so vividly.