Tuesday, September 1, 2009

lts true, we dont listen....- a poem.

While we can’t make it perfect, or repair all of it, we do have the power to make our corner a better place.


its true, we dont listen.

then we go thru all those silly deep and meaningfuls,

get bored with that, and come back, and wish we had listened,

cos rebellion was boring.. and yes as much as l tried to change the world, l couldnt, and never will be able too.


Bee's Blog said...

I like this. true - some of us don't learn from our experiences.

I remember reading somewhere many years ago that by the mistakes of others, cautious people will learn. Not always - sometimes we have to be there and feel it.

Kwika said...


Anonymous said...

this poem elicited a wry chuckle from me. well done

heatherbelle said...

Yes..you're so right.
None of us can change the world but we can change ourselves and our little corner of the world.

Lynn Downunder... said...

kwika, thanks.
bee, l think one has to go thru it, we dont listen, so we have to do it and then realise..thats ok, its part of life lol.
meredith, have u been a bit rebellious of late lol...
took me years to come back and be normal, but hey, thats how it is lol.
heather, l did try, l think l did help push a few ideas though, l was an ant in the changes with sexual incest abuse, so lm happy to be the ant.