Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Travelling the world from one spot.

walls, old paint.
lights without covers.
glaring, too bright.

thinking back,
to abodes before;

have done a lot of moving around,
and havent been anywhere.


lm going to attempt to explain the last line.
l drove a taxi for two decades,
l came across a lot of people,
from all the different countries of the world.
l learnt about the people via this job.

lve never really had the urge to physically travel,
because l feel that lve met the world, via that job.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Yes, we have the opportunity to meet the world in lots of different ways if we open our eyes and our feelings. Some never will. In fact they can travel the world physically and not see it.

Nice poem.

Anonymous said...

and so you very probably have...
And I am sure we have all met people who have been all over the world and yet have done so with such a small minded attitude that they returned home untouched by what they have experienced.

Were you really a taxi driver? You must have seen some sights

Nicholas V. said...

I can identify with this poem as during my childhood and puberty we moved around a lot, all over the place (including a couple of different countres)!
Thanks for posting!

bekkieann said...

To drive a cab for a couple of decades is an accomplishment in itself. Your poem made me think of our latest vehicle - the blogs and facebook - where we are meeting people from all over the world. How short the space seems between here and there when I see all of you online and get to hear your ideas, your worries, your complaints, your joys. Not quite like driving a cab, but a fascinating way to get to know people.

Anonymous said...

hear hear Bekkieann!

Anonymous said...

Hi, a lovely poem and the explaination is a great way to meet people from everywhere in the world! You must have some stories to tell too :)

Catfish Tales said...

I travelled the world only to find I met the same souls in different faces and brought the same koffer full of the same wornout clothes along with me wherever I'd gone. So, I stopped to catch my breath and caught a cold instead. Achoo, what's it like on your island? I'm still floating on my peninsula. Cheers

Lynn Downunder... said...

meredith, l was one of the first female taxi drivers on the nightshift in melbourne, in 1975...l drove and was in the taxi industry 17yrs.
l agree, l think what youre saying is they didnt really get amongst it, just looked and skimmed over.
jacqui, thanks,lm glad u liked my poem.
yes some ppl cant see for looking.
bekkie, its the same, ppl are the same all over the world..
l do like my net friends.
brenda, l did see people for what people are, and l saw a lot of stress and vunerabilities too.
cat, yes people are the same all over the world if u just get amongst them...
thanks for your comments