Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stop Watch...

You know;
Lately life has been so easy.
A doctor helped stop being so queezy.
l have re found the youth inside,
and cannot stop, my legs are taking me for a ride.

l know, l know, lm not young anymore,
but something nice is at my door.
l shall use it for all its might..
and hope l dont fall down with fright.

l am a hermit, that is right.
l time everything l do,
even chatting to you...
have a nice day.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Well, hermit, I linked you in to Poetic Journey for this Wednesday.

I certainly agree with a lot of the sentiments in this poem. I just think I need to time myself more. I get lost wondering the streets of the ethernet.

Nicholas V. said...

How many people yearn after their lost youth and waste time in bemoaning the coming of middle and old age, instead of enjoying the best each age has to offer! I certainly would not want to go back to being a youth all over again!
Good poem! :-)

Lynn Downunder... said...

jacqui lol @ ether net lol..
l find if l dont time myself or do order, l just wander around like a scatterbrain chook with its head off..thanks for putting into the poetry day.
nicholas, u r so right, every age offers something special, and we slow down normally to see it too, which is great..
thanks for your comments.