Friday, October 24, 2008

Good Morning...

Slowly l stir
eyes still closed
l make a move to the side of my bed
sleep persperation on said t shirt
l remove it from my body
eyes still closed.

Still breathing the sleep breathe
l reach for a dry t shirt
eyes still closed

l feel my feet
try to straighten
and bones find a balance
l open my eyes.

l wish l could see
through a huge window
fields of green
l look at blank walls.

l try to stand
balance best l can
one foot forward
then the next

the light of day
coming thru the bathroom window
makes me cringe.

l sleep walk
to the kitchen
automatically find my cup
fill it with water
from the tap
fill coffee maker

my coffee jar
is almost empty
l reach for the new one

twas a larger packet
l bought on special

awkwardly l fill said jar
l try to be tidy
still half asleep
eyes are open

the coffee is perking
the smell is great
looking forward
to the first cup.

back at the kitchen bench
l sleepily fill the coffee jar
from the family pack
l miss a few times
just keep doing it lynn
youll get there.

coffee is perked
l pour the blackness
take a sniff...
sleepily back to the bench
time for the powdered milk
l spill that too.

takes a deep breath
looks at my mess
vows to clean up later.

with coffee in hand
l walk balance to my favourite chair
sit and enjoy.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I like this poem. You been spying on me? I always spill the coffee grounds. I don't care how careful I am about that.

And somehow it does not always get cleaned up later.

Nice to see you blogging here. I now have two blogs on blogger. My political one and the new creative one: Creative Journey.

Come visit sometime.

Lynn Downunder... said...

hahaha, maybe l have been spying on you.
mornings seem to be what l blog about most.
l guess lm surprised l keep waking up.
l have been over a couple of times.
l have u linked to three of these, but nobody comes in here, so l just use it for serious stuff.
lm on facebook too,
lm here to tell u the grass grows slower on fb.
but not bad for photos.
good to hear/read you again.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I like it here on blogger because it is quiet except for my political blog. Some great discussions go on there from time to time.

But I like my nice quiet little creative blog. I have a blog lit on my political blog that lets me know when a number of friends like you update your blogs